Picture Up

high definition auditions for the professional actor

Picture Up Auditions is located in Alpharetta, Georgia. Started in 2012, in Los Angeles, we decided to move to Atlanta and work with all the wonderful actors in the Southeast. We create memorable scenes with HD Cinematography, Studio Sound & Lighting, and Creative Backgrounds. This is what works. This is what we do. Our philosophy is the actor first, always. We give you time to create the performance you would like to show casting, sit with you to pick your best takes, edit the footage, and send it off. Picture Up is owned and operated by working actors who have learned these new techniques sought by the casting industry first hand. The industry is changing rapidly. It is our job to keep up. Picture Up will help you dare to be remembered. We're ready for your close-up when you are.


Livi and I were very new to this industry when a good friend recommended John Adrian Studios. I gave him a ring and we had a great chat so we decided to head out and meet him in person to see if we were a fit. I love the fact he was open to just meeting. Liv is only 9 and not all coaches are going to click with her and vice versa. Well we / they did click! John took his time to get to know Liv but when we stepped in front of the camera to test drive a couple scenes with his coaching is when I, as a novice saw the difference. He spent time with Liv. He didn’t push her to breaking, he coached her - there is a big difference. There is never a rush. He gives us such great advice and has helped us understand what is expected from audition requests. Not to stress over certain things and most importantly always be “Liv.” We love the fact that Robin will come and give her two cents on which take she likes and why, and you know, John listens to Robin and Me! John and Robin are such a support to us and we are super thankful to have them in our lives. - Joanna Birch


I have been meaning to write this review for awhile now because businesses like this deserve for the world to know about their practices. I first landed at John's for an audition taping. He was nothing short of wonderful. He was able to take me pretty much last minute and his prices are exceptionally reasonable. Another huge plus was that he understands acting from both in front of the camera and behind it. " 

Picture Up is an excellent audition taping business. John and Robin put you at ease the minute you walk into their studio. I got an audition for an episodic and it had to be recorded and uploaded by the next morning 8am EST. John had everything set up and we recorded several "takes" of my audition. John is an excellent director if you want him to give his 2 cents. If you don't - that's fine too. We got the best take and he edited it and uploaded it immediately. He sent my audition to my agent and a copy to me as well. I am so glad I found Picture Up!! Rates are very reasonable, and I would highly recommend Picture Up for your audition needs.

- Tracy Pfau

John is a phenomenal reader and an excellent source for not only audition taping but head shots as well. (John Adrian Photography.com) As a successful actor himself, who goes on tape often, he connects with you as a reader and ensures that your audition is your best. He is extremely knowledgeable about the audition taping process, file uploading specifications and requirements. He is a great source to have and a great person to know. I recommend them highly.   A++

Lynn Moore

Fast Forward - I needed head shots as well, and so I took a chance off seeing some of his business cards that he could give me the looks that I needed. Let me say, John has an amazing eye for detail, and my pictures came out wonderful. Seriously, I can't even choose because there are so many perfect shots. I never felt rushed and he worked with me for hours on hours. I love that he puts no limits on changes, which takes a load off an actor with an agent like mine who has a million requests for different looks. - Farelle Walker