Picture Up

high definition auditions for the professional actor

Picture Up Auditions is located in Alpharetta, Georgia. Started in 2012, in Los Angeles, we decided to move to Atlanta and work with all the wonderful actors in the Southeast. We create memorable scenes with HD Cinematography, Studio Sound & Lighting, and Creative Backgrounds. This is what works. This is what we do. Our philosophy is the actor first, always. We give you time to create the performance you would like to show casting, sit with you to pick your best takes, edit the footage, and send it off. Picture Up is owned and operated by working actors who have learned these new techniques sought by the casting industry first hand. The industry is changing rapidly. It is our job to keep up. Picture Up will help you dare to be remembered. We're ready for your close-up when you are.

Who we are and why we do this

John Adrian and Robin DeMarco are working actors in TV, Film, and Commercials. They have learned first hand from top casting directors just how important it is to shoot the highest quality audition possible. The competition is fierce. The typical casting process begins with hundreds of submission from all over the country. It is then narrowed down to a select handful of actors invited to put a scene on tape for casting. The best tapes are forwarded to producers, directors and executives making casting decisions. Every element is in play in this process. We decided to get involved in this process to help our friends, then it grew organically. Our goal is to make sure you have the time and feedback to give you the best shot at booking the job. Since John has started coaching actors he has had 10 new actors book roles in upcoming movies and television, including, Good Girls (NBC), Greener Grass (feature film), Doctor Sleep (Warner Brothers), The Brian Banks story, On Smoother Dirt (Ernie Banks) and many more!